Making bar cookies out of oats is a classic recipe at my house. It’s quick and easy, and somewhat “healthy” for a dessert and uses up things like jams, sauces, and liquidy fruits. (Why isn’t liquidy a word in spell check? I use it all the time!). Maybe I’m trying to justify eating dessert by calling it healthy, because of the oats, for it also has quite a bit of sugar and butter!

I start with a basic mixture of oats, butter, a dash of salt, some white and brown sugar, and cinnamon. Depending on what else I’m putting in, I might add ginger, nutmeg, or cloves.

The actual original recipe that I generally follow is found in the “Betty” as I call it; my Betty Crocker Cookbook.

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup butter

1 3/4 flour or whole wheat flour

1 1/2 cups oats

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

bake 30 minutes at 400F. (grease bottom of pan)

For this recipe, I also used up the last 1/3 cup of ground flax seed in the cupboard. Did you know that flax seeds can go rancid if you don’t use them up fast enough, or refrigerate them? It’s because of all the fantastic Omega 3 oils in them. Oil goes rancid. Gosh, once I was visiting my granny in CA and she had discovered rancid potato chips, which she promptly re-designed into cookies. She actually had a recipe for rancid- potato-chip-cookies! I guess that’s why my mom had a recipe for sour-milk-biscuits when I was visiting her and she found out her last cup of milk was rotten. Why do people keep food so long that it spoils? Oh well, at least they still managed to eat it somehow without throwing it away. Speaking of which, I did that one time, now that I’m thinking of this. When I lived with 4 girls (after college) and we shared resources, bills, and food…we would often shop at Costco. We had a gallon jug of cooking oil that we had been working on for about a year. Without knowing it was so incredibly old, I used it to make some rhubarb coffee cake. After making the cake, and tasting it, I realized the oil was rancid. The cake had a very peculiar taste. It wasn’t too bad to eat, good enough to not throw it away, but weird enough that I didn’t want to eat it. We just happened to be hosting an after church luncheon at our house and so many unexpected guests came, that we were running out of food to serve. I quickly chopped up my coffee cake and set it out on the dining table. The unsuspecting young male guests gobbled it up without question and even complimented it! Ha! I was glad to have it go to good “use”!

This bar cookie is layered. You spread out half of the oat mixture, then spread out the jam or sauce you wish to use. I used the last of my Acai and Raspberry sauce/syrup. I had a very large amount of it and have been using it for a month already. Then you spread out the other half of the oats over the top and bake.