We went camping this past weekend. I should have taken more pictures…it was rather funny how many coolers we had. I think there were five or six of them! Only two were actually cold, the other were just useful containers to carry dry foods, dishes, and utensils in. In any case, the line up of coolers along the barrier of the campsite was funny.

One of the things we enjoyed doing, was cooking meals over the campfire. We had burgers, polish sausages, sauerkraut, and heated many pots of water. One of the foods I’d been wanting to try grilled was peaches. I’ve seen them grilled in numerous foodie magazines and so I gave it a whirl. It was warm, soft, and sweeter than usual. I didn’t like the smoky flavor though. Perhaps grilling in a barbecue is better. Cooking a peach over a smoking fire was very fun…but I won’t be trying it again.

A few other firsts to note are these; my 28 month old son had his first hot chocolate, first corn on the cob, first encounter with a slug and first canoe ride. Very exciting!

As usual, my leftovers have now saved me time, as it’s Monday and  of course there is food in the house to eat because my freezer has some prepared meals all ready to go into our lunch boxes and my garden has fresh veggies for dinner tonight.

What are you up to this summer?