After pickling green beans, cucumbers, and several other things, I still had a jar of leftover brine (water/vinegar/salt) in the fridge. I know vinegar and salt and water are cheap and I could just pour it down the drain but I wanted to use it.


My garden is beginning to slow down and it’s time to start harvesting the root crops. Potatoes bursting towards the surface of the soil, beets and carrots beginning to show their crowns.

So I dug a few carrots up and they were huge! After snipping off the greens I boiled the carrots whole in the brine, along with some additional water to fill the pot.

The carrots came out lightly salted and slightly vinegary. Yum!

I served alongside corn grits with Parmesan and pork ribs (cooked from frozen in crock pot on low for 10 hours) in bbq sauce and homemade applesauce.


It was pleasing to eat and satisfying to know I had really utilized every last drop of brine.