The Smoothies Bible, was given to me recently, by a  friend. I was delighted to find it in the mail one afternoon and have been finding some great recipes.

Leafy Pear, a timely recipe using my kale and pears along with apple juice, has been quite good.

This is carrot apple pear cucumber.

This is apple beet.

Smoothies are a great way to get vegetables and fruits into your system quickly and easily. It’s also a nice way to use up leftover bits of this or that in your produce bin. If you don’t make smoothies very often, start by trying flavors like banana, vanilla yogurt, and berries. Those will mask flavors like kale and chard, which may be good for you, but not your favorite flavor to sip. Always add one thing green or nutty, because that will add loads of vitamins and minerals in a small power packed punch. Kids love smoothies. Start by making them something healthy and telling them it’s a milkshake. As they begin to like it, then tell them what’s really in it. After they’ve tasted it, they won’t mind to know that they are actually eating walnuts and spinach. What’s your favorite smoothie combination?