• 3 cups soybeans
  • 6 cups water

Over the summer I bartered with a neighbor and something I got out of the deal, as she became gluten free and paleo-diet friendly, was all of her grains, seeds, and beans.

I’ve had fun picking through the half used packages of this and that. Flour made of rice, amaranth, buckwheat, lots of corn grits, quinoa, brown rice, and on.

One tupperware contained 3 cups of dry, raw, soybeans. I honestly had never used them before, so I asked my Facebook page fans for some ideas. Someone shared their recipe for soymilk, and I gave it a whirl.

3 cups beans, 6 cups water.

Cook until beans are soft

Puree in blender

squeeze “milk” out using cheesecloth or sieve.

I’ll be honest; I won’t be making this again. Way too much work and mess, and the “milk” tasted like bean water. Mind you, I have been drinking it and adding it to my oatmeal and baked goods. But I think I’ll stick to cow milk from now on. I like store bought soy milk. Probably, no definitely the homemade stuff is better for you, but…no, not repeating this. I still thought I would share my story with you anyway.

As for the leftover bean puree, I’ve added it to  a chili already, and will make hummus with the rest.

I’m eyeing those almonds in the freezer that I bought with the sole purpose of pureeing into almond milk. Is this going to be worth the effort and mess?

Have you made your own “milks?”  What advice do you have for me and others who might want to give this a try?