• Apple Juice
  • Mulling Spices

The best treasure I traded for this summer was a juicer.  I bartered for it. I have enjoyed trying out lots of interesting combinations of fruit and vegetable. Over the weekend we helped a neighbor harvest their huge apple tree and we came home (4 trips with a cart) with the equivalent of 2 camping coolers full. Most of the apples had worms and bruises, so we took some time to cut them up and wash them. Then we put them through the juicer.

Whoa! This needs to be emptied.
Hi Husband!

I put 12 cups of juice into my crock pot, added 1/4 mulling spices (which included cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel), and set it on high for 2 hours. After that time, I lowered it to the lowest setting and left it on all day Saturday and then turned it back on Sunday morning. We just kept drinking it, sharing with friends and neighbors and adding to it. I suppose we went through about 1 sink-full of apples, or more…but we still have so many and we’ve given away 6 grocery bags full. Ah, apple harvest season.

What is your Autumnal drink of choice?