• Tomatoes
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • rosemary
  • oregano
  • salt
  • basil
  • pepper

Here is the garlic from my garden that I am working on peeling. It’s tedious and tiny and I’m not sure if I will bother growing garlic again.

Here is my final red tomato harvest, with some still being orange and green. I picked all of my tomatoes off the vines one morning recently and then it hailed and thundered all afternoon. I still have some green tomatoes leftover on the vines, so I might make a sweet and spicy loaf of green tomato bread next weekend.


I called my grandma. I mean, I could guess on how to make a marinara sauce, or even look in a cook book or online. But calling Granny makes me happy and she enjoys departing her food wisdom to someone in the family. I have called her a lot this summer when pickling, canning, and making jam. So I was completely caught off guard when she told me that she (94 years old) had NEVER made her own spaghetti sauce. What?! However, my aunt had visited yesterday and had made a batch. Coincidence? And Granny recalled the recipe, over the phone.

You must begin with chopping up a lot of garlic and onion  (2 cups?) and browning it in butter or oil over low to medium heat. Once done with that, you may add peeled tomatoes (5 cups?) . My style is to make things that are fast and easy, so I did not peel my 30 or more cherry tomatoes and it tasted and felt fine, but there were tiny bits of skin in my dinner. No big deal. Do what pleases YOU.

Then I added lots of fresh oregano from the garden, dried basil, and some salt and pepper. Hmm, I think that was it. I cooked it for a long time, several hours I suppose, stirring along the way.



The final menu item was a homemade pizza. The crust was whole wheat, and it was Pillsbury. Someone had given me a tube of it. Surprisingly (for store bought tube breads) it was fantastic. I just popped open the tube, unfolded and unrolled the dough, and baked it. I didn’t actually have any real pizza toppings, so I looked in the fridge. A hunk of cheese. A spoonful of cottage cheese. I spread them out on the crust. And then, you’ll never believe this, but believe it, my husband went to a party earlier in the day and brought me home some food to try. One skewer of grilled chicken and one skewer of grilled peppers, zucchini, and onion. You guessed it! I chopped those bits of meat and veggie up and topped my pizza with them! Hey it worked, tasted good in it’s new form, and solved my problem of needing to get dinner on the table.

So we had pizza dipped in fresh marinara sauce.

I froze one quart of sauce for another time, and we ate the rest of the pizza the next day for lunch, vowing that if we ever bought pizza dough from the store, we would actually get the whole wheat tube from Pillsbury in the refrigerator section.


Tell me a  story about a time you made pizza.

Tell me what you are doing to use up your garden tomatoes.