• 2 pounds imitation
  • 3 stalks chopped celery
  • 1/3 of a red onion, chopped
  • shredded cheese-I used a 3 cheese Mexican blend
  • 3 dollops of olive oil mayo and/or cream cheese--3/4 cup total
  • lemon pepper, sprinkled generously- 1 teaspoon or less
  • cabbage
  • fresh lemon wedges
  • garlic bread
  • pickles

This salad can certainly be eaten cold, but my husband likes hot foods and hot meals, especially in the winter. I had a package of imitation crab meat, and thought about making it into a chowder, but I really do just prefer it as a salad, so that’s what I created. Difference was that I put it into the oven for 20 minutes before serving it.

Take out a large casserole type dish and dump in the fish meat. Add the chopped celery and red onion. Sprinkle lemon pepper into it and add mayonnaise or cream cheese. I added some of each. Stir this all together and put it into the oven at 350 for 20 minutes uncovered. (It heats through, but doesn’t really bake anything or change the texture, so obviously, you can eat it cold as well.)

I added some side fixings to this meal as follows:  one small ruffly cabbage, shredded. It wasn’t a napa cabbage or a chinese cabbage, but it definitely had small ruffles, probably was a Savoy Cabbage, but I bought it from the small produce stand down the street and there was no label. You can use any cabbage you want. I let my 2 year old son pick apart the whole cabbage first, then I ran it through my food processor on the shredder blade. My husband helped with chopping the garlic and red onion and getting tools and dishes for me. It was a family affair. We spent about 20 minutes preparing it, 20 minutes waiting, and then we got to eat it together. Fun!


Shredded Savoy Cabbage

I  opened a jar of homemade pickles and dilly beans, which we almost completely demolished in this one meal. (I had two spears, my son had 1 spear, and my man ate the rest. Wow!).

In another bowl I had shredded cheese. And there was a sliced lemon for a fresh squeeze of juice over my whole plateful.

Lastly I halved some leftover old bagels, and spread them with butter and raw garlic. I put this into the oven in foil for 20 minutes along with the meat dish.

So the composure of the actual food on my plate was a large mixed salad and bread on the side.