I really like yams. If I could grow them, I certainly would, but they don’t grow around here in Seattle, WA. But they are cheap enough to buy, so I buy them all the time. For this week I also bought a sweet potato, (the white one in photo above).

First I made a soup. I started by peeling both taters, some carrots, an onion, and getting out tofu and sesame seeds. I chopped the yam and sweet potato up and realized I had more than I wanted for this meal, so I put some aside for another meal. For the soup, I boiled about 1/3 of each potato, all of the carrots pictured, half the onion, and added 1/2 cup of dry garbanzo beans and 1/8 cup sesame seeds. I boiled it all for a few hours, then pureed it. Lastly I added the tofu cubes. I think for seasoning I added curry, chicken broth, and pepper. Pretty basic.

Next day I made baked beans in the crock pot. For this I took 2 containers of home-cooked mixed beans out of the freezer, and added some chopped yam and sweet potato and onion, then all the good stuff like molasses, cloves, tomato sauce, dried mustard, etc. that you need to make baked beans.

baked beans

Next day I made roasted veggies and added a few cubes of the above and then lastly I made a butternut squash soup on Sunday night and added the last 3 hunks of yam and sweet potato. My goodness they lasted a long time and made it into 4 meals, wow!

What items have you used over and over again and had to get creative with? I had to think outside the box for sure, on the baked beans dish, but that was a great combination!