Since it is citrus season and I happen to have a lot of orange peel going into my compost outside, I’ve decided to make something with some of the peels.

orange peel jar side

A simple household cleanser, similar to the store-bought “orange de-greaser” you can buy that is filled with chemicals. They do work, I’ll admit…but sometimes natural is just so much better.

All you need for this is an empty container; plastic or glass, and some white vinegar.

Place your orange peels (you may also use citrus essential oils) into your container and fill it with vinegar. Allow it to sit on a shelf at room temperature for 2 weeks. The oils in the peels will come out and blend with the vinegar to create an awesome household cleanser, good for counter tops, the sink, the rubber floor edging in your kitchen or bathroom, etc. You can use either a washcloth or rag to soak and then wipe OR you can put the orange vinegar into an empty spray bottle for easier use.

Orange peels should go into the compost or down the garbage disposal when you are done.
orange peel in jarorange infused vinegar