I’m looking forward to spring! While it won’t officially begin until March 21, these photos were taken March 4 & 14 and show me that life is coming from under my soil. My front yard is going to be bursting with food soon! I’ve already planted beet, radish, chard, cabbage, pea and kale. All of my strawberries are coming back to life. Suddenly I see arugula, parsley, and onions to enjoy. The garlic have sprouted (that I don’t recall planting).

It is a wonderful time of the year for a gardener. I enjoy cleaning and organizing, so pulling fresh weeds and setting up perfect rows of seeds makes me very happy. Yesterday my 3 year old son and I pulled weeds in the rain and then fed them to the neighbor’s chickens, who gobbled them up and had fun scratching through the dirt clumps. We got so muddy I had to do a load of laundry.

And…it was sunny enough last Saturday to hang out a load of laundry for the first time this year. The earliest I’ve even done so. Thrilling! Hahaha, it’s the little money saving natural things in life that bring me joy.

Have you started your vegetable or flower gardening for the year?