What is up with people who think they must have meat at every meal or they must have a vegetarian meat like option at every meal? I find it very interesting how outspoken some folks are about their need for protein. Now, if they are cooking their own food at their own house, I understand, no problem, cook what you like. But if you are being invited over to someone else’s house or to a general potluck or party, how can you demand such things? I have always been the person who carries water and snacks with me at all times. I don’t want to be caught off guard with a failing energy level. I also cannot afford to buy food out, and never have been able to do that. I was raised on homemade everything. I am also quite fond of travelling, but have discovered that other people in other countries and other families eat differently than myself. If I want to eat, I have to eat what is offered to me. Especially important, if I don’t want to offend the host. So is this outspoken demand for meat or vegetarian protein an American thing? Are we all the outspoken ones? Or just certain folks who never learned their manners, or who weren’t taught to bring their own snacks if they are worried about it? Furthermore, if you are being invited to one party for one meal out of your day, do you really need to make sure all of your nutritional needs are met at that one event?

I want to hear your thoughts on this everyone…because I am curious about how humans behave.

I have a lot of issues surrounding this question, as you can probably already tell. I don’t cook or eat much meat myself. I do try to eat lean protein at each meal. My income is not enough that I can be picky. And I don’t like offending people of cultures and norms that are different from my own. I try my best to fit in and not complain when I am eating at someone’s house, someone’s wedding, someone’s country, because I know I’ll be able to feed myself what I’d like to have, eventually.

Am I wrong to be annoyed with this phenomenon?

I’ll give you  a few examples, in case you don’t understand what I’m talking about.

1. I was hosting my wedding and someone told me that if I did not prepare a pasta salad as a vegetarian option they would not come.

2. I was hosting a birthday party for a known vegetarian and another guest said I must also have meat available for some guests (even though I was preparing a protein rich vegetarian meal for the birthday person).

I mean, can we really be expected to know everyone’s preferences? What about gluten free or soy free or dairy free or sugar free or caffeine free? Shouldn’t we just attend parties knowing that we may not leave full and satisfied, but still happy we attended and thankful for whatever free food we did get? Oy! It’s getting more and more tricky to have people over for dinner. I never know what to serve!!

Or is this just me? Maybe I’m too eager to enjoy free food and I’m not picky and I don’t have any dietary restrictions. (Lucky me!).

I’m sorry if I have offended anyone through my rant. LOL!

If you have strong feelings on either the meat eating side of this or the vegetarian side of this, please share a comment below. I really would like to learn from you and not be so bothered by this as it will surely come up again and again throughout my life. Thank you.