When we began planting our garden 5 summers ago, my husband requested that I not waste space on pretty flowers and that we focus our resources (land, water, seed money) on edibles. But I knew that we needed some flowers to attract bees and to make me happy. So I planted nasturtiums. When he questioned their presence with a frown I laughed and said “they are edible!”

Do you eat your nasturtiums? They have a sharp peppery flavor, like arugula. They are spicy and exciting. They are from the family of plants that bring us cabbage and watercress. Read some fun facts about them here. I like to add them to my green salads. They will grow well in small planter boxes, trailing down the ledge of a porch, or also in the direct soil of a garden.

Give them a try, yum!

To eat a nasturtium flower, just pick the flower off the vine and the plant will continue growing all summer. They will also re-seed themselves in the late summer/fall, and you will never need to buy seeds again. Either collect the seeds and store all winter, or allow them to drop on their own and let them grow in place. All of mine are volunteers this year!

orange nasturtium

yellow nasturtium