green juice

Green Juice: apple, lime, parsley, broccoli leaf, lettuce, kale, cabbage, zucchini

Juicing is a great way to use up leftover vegetable and fruit scraps. No peeling, seeding, or squeezing necessary. All you need is a really great juicer machine, a knife, and a cutting board. Chop food up into chunks small enough to fit into juicer.

I love to put my parsley stems down this. Any leafy green can go in and anything that has gone to seed, such as parsley or beets. I juice my broccoli plant leaves, my stems from kale plants, old shriveled oranges and apples, peel and all! Beets are my favorite, I love the color and the sweet flavor. I don’t follow recipes, but try to get something sweet, something sour, and something Earthy in every cup.

beet orange carrot

Magenta juice: beet, beet leaves, carrots, oranges, lime, strawberry


Some juicers are easier to clean than others. I highly recommend you spend the money to get a good juicer such as this one: OMEGA.

Do you juice? It’s a fun way to eat vegetables and fruits sometimes and a great use of leftover leaves, stems, and scraps from the garden.