• Concord Grapes,
  • approximately 8-10 cups
  • Sugar, 3 cups


Step 1: Squeeze the grapes so that the insides pop out and  set the skins aside.

Step 2: Cook the insides on medium heat for 20 minutes or more, until broken down and very soft.

Step 3: Grind or chop the skins (I used my Cuisinart Food Processor) and mix with granulated white sugar in a large pot.grapes3

Step 4: Strain the seeds out. I used a metal colander and wooden spoon and pressed the grapes through, until all that was leftover were seeds and some  pulp.grapes4


Step 5: Combine the white grape juice with the sugar and chopped purple skins. Bring to a boil in a deep stock pot.grapes5

Step 6: Boil and Stir for 20 minutes until thickened. (I did not add pectin).

Step 7: Sanitize jars, lids, rings, and get your hot water bath canner boiling.

Step 8: Fill your hot, sanitized jarswith hot grape jam, leaving 1/4 inch head space. Seal with lids and rings, and tightened only fingertip tight.

Step 9: Process in boiling hot water bath canner for 10 minutes. Remove and set aside to rest for 24 hours. Jars will pop/seal right away, or within a few minutes of removing from hot water.


Step 10: Enjoy on a sandwich. This is my 3 year old, enjoying the leftovers for lunch.grapes8


Purple is my favorite color, I love these jars of jam, because they are so pretty.


Do you like grape jam, have you ever made it or had it?  Most people make jelly I think…but this turned out to be quite wonderful and the skins softened up nicely.  Everyone participated in licking the spoons, pots, and other tools clean when I was done.  This will taste great this winter and spring!