• Butternut Squash
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • paprika

I grew several butternut squash plants this summer and most developed and ripened in September, which was kind of early. They were small due to the hot summer weather, about 1 pound each. But a few grew into the fall and were large and regular sized. One in particular was my biggest. I allowed it to stay on the vine until November. I finally picked it, not because it was actually hardened off and orange, but because it was beginning to be eaten by slugs. :( So I brought it in and put it into the fridge. It slowly ripened, but not entirely and I just needed to do something with it, as one end was beginning to get soft/rotten. In an attempt to save the squash, I made fries out of it.

What an amazing discovery! The squash was ripe enough to have good flavor, but not orange enough(it was yellow) to look like squash, or so I thought. I tried to get my 3 year old son to believe that they were just regular potato fries…but he would have nothing to do with them. Oh well, good for me, as I enjoyed them immensely and put the leftovers in my lunch box for tomorrow.

I’m telling you these are amazing!! Try making a batch!!!

butternut fries1

Cut the ends off of a butternut squash. Use a vegetable peelerand remove the skin. Cut in half and remove seeds. Slice in lengths, rectangles, rounds, or whatever shape you like, making sure they are about half an inch thick or so on all sides.

butternut fries 3

Put into a bowl. Drizzle with about 2 TBLS olive oil. Sprinkle with about 3/4 tsp. salt. Stir to coat each piece.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Spread butternut chunks out onto a baking sheet in a thin layer.

butternut fries 2

Bake for 20 minutes at 400, then turn up the heat to 425 for an extra 10 minutes to crisp them a little.

Remove from oven. Let cool for a few minutes. Transfer to a serving dish. Sprinkle with paprika and ground black pepper.

These are not hard or crunchy, they are very soft, but hold their shape. Very flavorful! My husband and I loved them.

I’ll be making this again with another one of my homegrown butternuts soon. It was a good use of the immature yellow fruit, and I have a few more of those in the fridge’s lower bins. (But I’m certain this would also be great with fully ripened orange flesh butternuts too!).

If you try it, please tell me what you think.

butternut fries 4