You know, like “Writer’s Block?”  Do you ever just run out of ideas for meals? We all do, especially if we cook all the time like I do. I get tired of thinking up meals that all 3 of us will eat and can eat all 3 times a day. I am creative and organized, but rarely plan more than a week out, because I decide on recipes after taking inventory of my garden/freezer/leftovers/sales/etc. And with all of that searching, thinking, investigating, and then preparing; I get exhausted with the whole thing.

Monthly or weekly schedules just don’t work for me. My family is resourceful and we find freebies wherever we can, so our plans change throughout the week. Does anybody else do this? For example, last week my husband’s workplace had a big Mexican feast on Wednesday and he brought home 4 containers of fresh salsa. Why? Because he couldn’t resist and they were throwing it away. He rescued the food in literally it’s last moments of life, as the break room was being cleaned up at 6pm. Sooo…now I’m getting creative with green and red salsa. (Ideas welcomed!).

I am experiencing Cooker’s Block. I just can’t bring myself to make anything exciting. In fact, I don’t feel much like cooking at all. But cooking from scratch is all we can afford, and with a tired 3 year old and a husband who works a later than traditional shift, we can’t go out to restaurants. So here I am, trying to figure out what to make for dinner that still includes protein, a green vegetable, something seasonal and local, and uses up something in the fridge from last week.

What do you do when you’re tired of feeding yourself or your spouse or family?