I am trying out a new product, the “Control-N-Roll”. They generously offered to send me a free sample to review here on my blog. The below opinions are most definitely my very own. It’s a silly invention really, but it is genuinely quite useful too. It is foam that you put on your paper towel or toilet paper dispenser before putting the roll of paper over it. It greatly reduces the cardboard tube’s ability to roll and spin. In effect, it’s meant to save you from wasting extra paper and thus $$$. It works really well too! The reason I say that it is silly is because it’s just foam. I’m sure it isn’t costly to make and probably not too challenging to create. It amazes me sometimes, what inventions go viral and what sink. I remember in middle school science class we had to “invent” something and of course we all thought our invention was the good one. Mine WAS, LOL! So these folks have invented something that may or may not become very popular someday. Read all about it on their website.

Truthfully, I am frugal. I will not spend money on buying this product because I will just train my child not to take too much toilet paper and my spouse and I already are conscientious about that AND we don’t buy or use paper towels. So for our one bathroom, we will be fine…although since I received a free sample pack with 2 inside, I’m good anyway (no need to buy more). (But after using up a roll of toilet paper with this gadget, I do think it went farther and we all used even less than usual…so I’ll be giving this a second thought actually.)

However I will admit that this is a great invention for some people. Specifically, since I have a background in working with adults who suffer from and live with disabilities and dementia, I immediately thought about how very helpful this product would be for someone who has had a stroke and cannot use one of their arms. Or someone with rheumatoid arthritis where gripping is a challenge, or anyone who can’t use two good hands to remove toilet paper from the dispenser and is forced to do the old pull and quick rip. The way the Control N’Roll works is that is will actually stop the toilet paper roll from rolling too much, kind of like a “brake”, so you can choose exactly how many squares you want to remove, slowly pull them out and then just pull them off. The roll will not spin uncontrollably and unravel. Teh next square will be ready right where you left it. Handy huh?

So if you have kids that run wild with toilet paper and paper towels or you know someone who is partially paralyzed on one side or if you just don’t want to worry or think about conservation, but you do want to conserve; then this product would be worth your $. It is green and Earth friendly and will save you money on paper products in the end.

Check it out and let me know what you think.