I finally got my first cell phone plan and my first smart phone, all in one big move. It’s quite unbelievable to most people I know. So I’ve kept it quite a secret. My old phone worked well enough, but it was so old I received many {the opposite of a compliment}s, and was made fun of every time a friend saw it, so I didn’t show it to anyone for the last 2-3 years. But it worked well enough for me, like I said. I was able to get around in life, manage appointments, see friends, contact babysitters, chat on the phone with my mom, etc. Because I used my land line or my work line or a computer for emails and used my memory and brain for things, printed driving directions before going someplace, stuck to the plan if meeting someone, and just generally had to save my calls and texts for real “emergencies” out of the house when I had no other phone.

Talk about patience, will power, and frugality! Can anybody else say they used a prepaid Tracfone for 10 years with no issues, no replacements, and nothing broken? I even traveled the world and sort of made this silly thing useful. I mean, the alarm worked, and the clock worked, and sometimes I could make a call that cost double minutes (10 cents a minute, 5 cents a text). And actually the only real reason I finally upgraded was that this poor little (heavy really) guy had a battery that was finally calling it quits and only lasting half the day. And after paying about $10 a month for “cell phone service” with this thing, I felt I’d saved enough money over the years to justify paying for a real cell phone plan at last. But I sacrificed this in order to have money for other things. Some of you know that my family has struggled over the past 2 years with jobs, money, and basic stuff. And when I would say we literally had nothing left to give up, I meant it. No cable, no eating out…and no cell phone plan, etc.

Well, I’ve entered this century at last and I have a smart phone. But I got a steaming hot deal through Costco and Verizon and worked my angles to get several discounts and a low monthly rate…so I couldn’t be happier. I do feel a sense of freedom at last. I don’t have to be so frugal with my texting. I don’t have to remember to print the driving directions before going any place new. I can talk on the phone when I’m out and about and not at home. I know…this is so basic for all of you…but my quality of life has just been raised several bars.

Well in true Leftovers Lady super frugal/cheap/thrifty fashion…I challenge you to look outside of the box, when are in need of extra funds, and really try to give up something you can live without, even when it means you will be different from the average person.

Also, if you see anyone using one of these old, heavy, dorky, prepaid phones…don’t make fun of them…it only hurts, and I’m sure there’s a reason they can’t afford a regular monthly plan, so give them a break.

new old phone