The rule with garlic is this: plant it on October 15th and Harvest it July 15th. My Dad taught me that and he follows it yearly and his garlic is the best! Garlic doesn’t cost much, so I don’t grow much of it, since I can buy it easily. However it also doesn’t take ANY maintenance, and hardly any garden space, so I do grow some. If you want to start growing garlic, just plant a small clove.

Last Fall I planted several old garlic cloves which had sprouted. I made a tiny row and they all grew  a full bulb by July. I pulled them out of the ground and let all of the plants dry out in my garden shed for one month. They dry best if you let them hang. The dirt around them will dry and fall off.

Yesterday (after one month) I trimmed off the stems, leaves, and peeled off the dirty outer layer of paper skin.

Now they are all ready to live inside my house and get eaten up in the next few months.

I let a few plants “go to seed” and flower at the tops. Those then produced about 20 teeny tiny garlic cloves/seeds each that I have saved and I will use to plant in October this year.

Take a look!

growing garlic 3

growing garlic 2

growing garlic 1

This is the little bag of seeds/starts which I will plant in October.