This was an experiment last summer that ended up being our family favorite and a great discovery. Dill pickled yellow summer squash is amazing! So tasty and has a nice consistency. So this summer I mass produced it with my one and only yellow zucchini plant. Last year it was out of necessity, since we had so many plants come up, I was picking 6 squash a day! I’ve never created a blog post just for this one recipe because I’ve always just used my existing recipe for pickled anything. I pretty much always use the same basic brine. But since it is our favorite and I make it a lot and gift it often, I thought it deserved it’s very own blog posting.


2.5 cups water

2.5 cups white vinegar

1/4 cup salt


a dash of each into each hot jar:

dill weed, dill seed, celery seed, mustard seed, red chili pepper flakes, turmeric, bay leaf, garlic clove, black pepper corns.

How to:

Prepare your wide mouth pint jars and get your hot water bath rolling. Heat your brine to near boiling. After jars are clean and hot set them out on the counter. (I always put a towel under mine to keep them from breaking or damaging the counter). Add seasonings to each jar. Fill with chopped, sliced, spears and rounds of yellow squash. Jam as many as possible in there! Fill with brine. Add lid and ring and set into hot water bath canner for 10 minutes. Remove and allow to seal. Do not move them for 24 hours, let them settle. These are tasty after 3 weeks of sitting in their brine and spices in the jars in the pantry. Then you may open and enjoy them!

For a more thorough description of canning, see this post for step by step instructions: Easy pickled vegetables. 


pickled yellow zuke 1