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Today I am very thankful for three things; my husband, my crock pot, and my leftovers! Let me tell you about this. Now that the husband is home… Read More »

The Food Bank, written in January, posted in April

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I did it. I went to the food bank. Once I was there, all feelings of confusion and shame left and I was filled with gratitude. The volunteers… Read More »

Robots are taking over

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Food. One of the last remaining basic needs that the computer industry cannot take away from us. I say this as I ponder my career, my husband’s career,… Read More »

Living within your means

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Yesterday I was on the phone, participating in a research study, (because I almost always take those calls. I believe in research, I was a Psych. major in… Read More »

Adult Lunch Boxes are Ready

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Leftovers from several dinners have become lunch box ready in minutes. This picture shows 4 different meals, packaged into single portions for my husband’s and my lunch boxes… Read More »

My life as an activities coordinator

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My first job out of college was at an adult day health care center. (I still work for them, but as the Volunteer Coordinator, part time). I held… Read More »

Cooking for Leftovers

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I like to have a meal in the freezer, ready to go on a busy day, so that all I have to do it thaw and re-heat. My… Read More »

Never turn free food away. My life history.

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A little about myself and my history and how I got to be this person. This may come out kind of free flowing and randomly, but I’ll try… Read More »

Leftover Panty Hose

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Well, I’ll be straying from the topic of food today and will tell you one of my little gardening secrets. Yes, that is a pair of nylon socks… Read More »

Organize, Label, Sort, Save; lessons on freezing

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I like to use my freezer. I like to organize it and label things and make things fit like a puzzle. I’m kind of nuts about it. During… Read More »