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The Danger Zone

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At one time in my life I was a certified “ServSafe” trainer of food handler permit classes. I taught my co-workers how to wash their hands often and… Read More »

Cream of Whatever’s on Sale, and how my blog got it’s name.

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Once upon a wonderful time, I lived with 4 girls in a house. We 5 had completed college together and were making it in the real world, sharing… Read More »

Don’t go to the grocery store with a list.

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Do you plan your menus and then go shopping?  Well, it’s actually cheaper to go to the store and just see what they have on sale and stock… Read More »

Dishes to Wash

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A:  “why is there always a pile of dishes in my sink?” (exasperated) L:  “because you cook real food.” (proud smile) Translation:  When you make good food, from… Read More »