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Tzatziki, Risotto, Cracker Dinner

In Dinners On May 18, 2012 0 Comments

What fresh vegetable was on sale at my local fruit stand this week? Cucumbers! So I bought 3 and make Tzatziki into a main course salad. Cucumbers, sliced… Read More »

Rhubarb Crunch

In Desserts On May 3, 2012 0 Comments

RHUBARB CRUNCH Stir together: 6 cups washed and chopped rhubarb juice of one big lemon—about 1/4 cup 2/3 cup white granulated sugar   In separate dish mix: 3/4 cup butter,… Read More »

Arugula Pasta Dinner—What to do with Arugula?

In Dinners, Gardening On April 24, 2012 0 Comments

Arugula; part lettuce, part spinach, part pepper. Of course, this is my own determination. Wikipedia and Google will tell you more scientifically what this lovely plant is made… Read More »

Rhubarb; vegetable or fruit?

In Desserts, Gardening On April 17, 2012 0 Comments

  Rhubarb is one of my favorite edible plants. It is rich in vitamins, color, flavor, and is quite versatile. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about… Read More »

Garden on Easter Day 2012

In Gardening On April 11, 2012 0 Comments

My rhubarb and raspberries share some soil. Hello! I just wanted to share my garden with all of you. Since I mostly write about cooking, I thought it… Read More »

Growing onions in the kitchen

In Gardening, Kid-Friendly On January 26, 2012 0 Comments

After I buy green onions (Scallions) at the produce market, I place the roots in a cup of water and allow the greens to grow back. They will… Read More »

Garden Harvest

In Gardening On August 23, 2011 0 Comments

This is a picture of my first year gardening in my then-new home. I was pregnant in this photo, just barely. That year we grew peppers, cabbage, and… Read More »